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Hazaribagh is a beautiful district of the state of Jharkhand, it is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in Jharkhand and is also known as a beautiful city. Hazaribagh is most famous for beautiful lakes, national parks and hills. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the region.

Hello friends, In this article, I will be sharing all the information about the famous tourist destinations of Hazaribagh. If you want to go here, then definitely come. More than 1 lakh people visited the place every year. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Jharkhand

Best Tourist Places in Hazaribagh

The city of Hazaribagh is most attractive for lush green forests with scenic green, peace and beautiful views of nature. The height of Hazaribagh city is about 2000 feet. Hazaribagh may soon become one of the important destinations of Jharkhand from the tourism point of view. Hazaribagh has attractive Hazaribagh Lake, National Park and hills, which attract tourists and has become a favorite place of Jharkhand among tourists.

The most popular places to visit in Ranchi and the best places to visit are Tilaiya Dam, Hazaribagh Lake, Canary Hill, Bhadrakali Temple and many more in Hazaribagh and places to visit in Hazaribagh.

About Hazaribagh

The word Hazaribagh literally means an acclaimed place with thousands of gardens. Hazaribagh is 93 km by road from Ranchi. This beautiful city is located on National Highway 33 and the road distance to major cities is Ranchi 99 km, Dhanbad 128 km, Bokaro 116 km, Gaya 130 km, Patna 235 km, Daltonganj 198 km and Kolkata 434 km. Regular bus services and train services connect Hazaribagh to these places.

Hazaribagh district is located in the northeastern part of North Chhotanagpur Division. The boundary of this district includes Koderma in the north, Giridih in the east, Ramgarh in the south and Chatra in the west. There are more than 3 lakh people in this district.

Hazaribagh district is full of many plateaus, mountains and valleys. Hazaribagh district is located at an elevation of about 2,000 feet above sea level. The most popular places in Hazaribagh are Canary Hill, Hazaribagh Jheel, Hazaribagh National Park and many more best tourist Places in Hazaribagh and places to visit in Hazaribagh.

How to reach Hazaribagh

By Air: The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi which is 90 km from Hazaribagh. After arriving at the airport, you can come by bus, or hire a taxi or auto. You will get all the facilities easily

By Railway: The nearest railway station is Hazaribagh railway station which is (5 km) away from the city center. After arriving at the Station, you can come by bus, or hire a taxi or auto. You will get all the facilities easily.

By Road: Hazaribagh City is well connected to other cities of India through regular buses

Best time to visit Hazaribagh

The winter months are the happiest time to visit this city. The average temperature ranges from 20 ° C to 25 ° C in the months of October to March and The best months to visit Hazaribag are September to May

15 Best Places to Visit in Hazaribagh

It is also known as the city of tourists. Talking about places to visit in Hazaribagh, there are many tourist places around this city that you can visit. Today we are going to give you information about all the 15 Best Tourist Places in Hazaribagh.

Tilaiya DamBarso Pani
Suraj KundBhadrakali Temple
Hazaribagh National ParkGalwaan Valley
Canary HillNirmal Mahto Park
Narsigsthan TempleMissing Waterfall
Hazaribagh JheelSalfarni Waterfall
Silwar HillSitagarha hills
Konar DamPadma Kila

Tilaiya Dam, Hazaribagh

The Jhumri Tilaiya Dam, located 25 km from the district headquarters, is spread over about 36 square kilometers. Nature has spread its unique hue around this dam. Boating is something else in this dam surrounded by small hills.

This place is the first choice for tourists from Odisha, Bihar, Bengal, and Chhattisgarh during the cold and rainy season. The region is a tourist destination surrounded by lush green forests. DVC also has a rest house.

How to Reach Tilaiya Dam

By Air: 158 Kms from Ranchi Airport

Train: 60 Km from Hazaribag Railway Station .

Road: 0.5 km

Category: WaterFalls
Tilaiya Dam Location:
Best For Photo Lovers And Nature Lovers
Tilaiya Dam Distance from Hazaribagh City: 42.6 KM
Timing Of Tilaiya Dam:
Best Time To Visit in Tilaiya Dam: 6 AM to 4 PM
Best Months To Visit: November to February
Spend Time: Approx 2hr
Entry fee:
Travel Tip

Suraj Kund Hazaribag

It is located on GT road and is 72 km from Hazaribagh in Barkatha block. Hazaribagh Road railway station is 31 km from this place. Normal water temperatures here are 169–190 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to two hot springs, there is also a cold spring.

How to Reach Suraj Kund Barkatha

By Air: 162 Kms from Ranchi Airport.

By Train: 77 Km from Hazaribag Railway Station .

Road Surajkund is 72 kilometers from Hazaribagh and 5 kilometers from Barkatha on NH 19 (old NH 2) (Grand Trunk Road)

  • Category: WaterFalls
  • Tilaiya Dam Location:
  • Best For Photo Lovers And Nature Lovers
  • Tilaiya Dam Distance from Hazaribagh City: 42.6 KM
  • Timing Of Tilaiya Dam:
  • Best Time To Visit in Tilaiya Dam: 6 AM to 4 PM
  • Best Months To Visit: November to February
  • Spend Time: Approx 2hr
  • Entry fee:
  • Travel Tip:

Hazaribagh National Park

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly called Hazaribagh National Park) is a wildlife sanctuary in Jharkhand, India. The Hazaribagh National Park is the most famous wildlife park in the region. Hazaribagh National Park in East Jharkhand combines excellent climate with scenic beauty, dense forests, and rich flora and fauna. The best time to visit these parks is between November and April.

  • Category: WaterFalls
  • Tilaiya Dam Location:
  • Best For Photo Lovers And Nature Lovers
  • Tilaiya Dam Distance from Hazaribagh City: 42.6 KM
  • Timing Of Tilaiya Dam:
  • Best Time To Visit in Tilaiya Dam: 6 AM to 6 PM
  • Best Months To Visit: November and April.
  • Spend Time: Approx 2hr
  • Travel Tip:

Entry Fee : Indians: INR 50,
Foreigner Nationals: INR 100,
Entry Fee for vehicle:
Bus (full) – INR 75,
Mini Bus – INR 50,
Car – INR 20,
Motor Cycle – INR 10,
Taxi – INR 25

Canary Hill, Hazaribagh

Canary Hill is located in the middle of the city. By climbing this mountain, you can have an all-around view of the city of Hazaribagh. Trekking enthusiasts also visit this hill. Local dishes like litti-chokha, dhuska, pitha, and dudhauri are available in the lower part of the hill. If you are in Hazaribagh, you can take an evening walk on this hill.

It is a beautiful picnic spot and can be visited in any season. There is forest around the hill and the possibility of wild animals can be seen at night. The lake is also under construction under the hill.

Narsigsthan Temple, Hazaribag

There is a famous temple of Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the most powerful deities. This beautiful temple houses the deity of Lord Vishnu and a Shivalingam. this temple situated in Khapriama Village, Hazaribagh, India

Hazaribagh Jheel

It is located in the middle of the city. Boating facility is available here. Hazaribagh Jhel is a series of artificial lakes with seven parts at different levels, so that the water spreads through one spread channel to another lake. Hazaribagh Lake is a famous tourist destination among the locals of Jharkhand. It is a small lake famous for the famous lakes of India.

How to Reach:

By Air: 90 Kms from Ranchi Airport.

By Train: 5 Km from Hazaribag Railway Station .

Road: 0.5 kms from Collectorate, Hazaribag

Silwar Hill, Hazaribag

Silwar Hills is one of the famous picnic spots near Hazaribagh city. It is also known as Jagannath Dham. A temple of Lord Jagannath is present here.

Every year during the Rath Yatra a grand fair or fair is organized. Many devotees visit throughout the year to seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath.

Konar Dam Hazaribagh

Konar Dam is a picnic corner for the urban population of the state of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. This dam is one of the major tourist attractions of Hazaribagh district in the state of Jharkhand.

avoid going to the dam after sunset, Avoid going to the dam alone, always be in a group, The safest time to visit is between 6 am to 4 pm.

Barso Pani

About 47 km from District Headquarters and just 17 km from Barkagaon Block near Jhikjhor Basti. This is the secret destination – “Barso Pani”. It is surrounded by forests and mountains on the Barkagaon-Hendegir Path. Here Barso speaks water or claps. It starts raining.

At a height of about 20 feet from the ground, the cave site is – “Barso Pani.” There is a cascading waterfall near the rocks. There is a small reservoir right near the cave. It is used by the people of Jhikkjhar. It produces paddy twice a year.

Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali temple is located in the Itkhori block of the Chatra district. About 40 km from the main city of Chatra. Place of Faith, Religion, and Uniqueness. Transportation: Private Cars / Buses

First of all, you have to reach Chatra from Ranchi / Gaya. Then rent a car through the local market and be able to reach the destination.

Galwaan Valley

Galwan Valley/Kesura is a hidden tourist place in Hazaribagh Jharkhand. It’s an abandoned mine. Exploring the unexplored beauty. Location: Amrit Nagar ( Galwan Valley)

Note: If planning to go to galwan Valley by car then be careful you have to park your car a little far (i.e 1 km) from the location, only by walk or by bike you can reach till the location.

Nirmal Mahto Park

The park is located on Patna Ranchi Road Hazaribagh Jharkhand. The name of this park is based on the freedom fighter Nirmal Mahato. Who was the leader of the tribal community? A rose garden is here in the park. And also a general restaurant. A park of Dinosaurs.

Missing Waterfall

updated Soon

Salfarni Waterfall

Man made waterfall but looking so fabulous. Amazing view. An unexplored waterfall in Hazaribagh. And the name of the waterfall is Salperni Waterfall. It is located in the National Park of Hazaribagh, and many people do not know about it.

Sitagarha Hills

It is located 15 km from Hazaribagh and is in the village of Bahoranpur, and is about 3 km from Old Banaras Road. It has been declared a major Buddhist site after investigation by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Padma Kila

200 year old fort in Padma hazaribagh jharkhand,

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